October 28, 2008



Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow. ha. omg. lol.



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Blogger Unknown said...

I think it's sick. I'd rather see porn. It is freedom of speech. If I put a mannequin of Obama with a noose around it's neck I'd probably be stabbed to death. Making jokes about killing someone is never in my definition of good taste. Yes, she's pro-life, yes she wants to pass a Federal Amendment to stop marriage equality. (Homophobia) She's pro-gun. (me too) She's also a self-made politician that wasn't supported by a husband or father. This is violence against women all over again. Should we make murder jokes about killing every female that isn't pro-choice and for marriage equality? Is this Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" done to a woman because she isn't PC? Abel Meeropol, a jewish schoolteacher wrote "Strange Fruit". Should we hang a mannequin of Gloria Steinim with a noose around her neck because she's sexist against female sex workers? Did Obama ever present his real birth certificate? Is he an American citizen? I'm so tired of this election because of all the sexism against females--Clinton, Palin and sex workers and the "jesusification" of Obama. Does it ever end?

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Blogger daddyslave69 said...

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Blogger daddyslave69 said...

I think it's fucking great!LOL!and for the person who called them "fags".Oh how fucking original.

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Blogger Lady Bunny said...

It is sick, but I like sick. And Denise is right, I and many others would be in arms if a noose was put around Obama's effigy. I also think Sarah is so rotten and dangerous that I applaud pretty much any time she is slammed. I also don't think two kooky fags in Weho actually wanna see her hang or have hung people before, or belonged to extremist groups which have killed people. And even though some fags have it, I don't think this was done out of hatred for women. I'll bet those guys have posters of female pop icons all over their walls. --LB

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WRONG!! You are not helping the gay community. My partner and I live in West Hollywood and don't view this as art, nor do we care for Sarah Palin. I'm sure people that are on the fence with Prop 8 will view this as a negative towards gays.

Grow up!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah's trying to hang us...so what the hell. She is Anita Bryant under a different name. Perhaps this will scare her back to Alaska to where we NEVER have to hear from her again. She is a dangerous woman. Don't be fooled by her cutesy-wootsie horseshit. Queens are only too forgiving to a heavily made-up woman. What these guys did is symbolic, of what she wants to do to your rights.

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