September 10, 2008


I admit that I failed it miserably. I guess I didn't realize the energy crisis was as dismal as it really is, or that the options to alternative fuels were as close to our reach as they actually are. Of course, with oil companies advertising heavily on every "news" station, that could be a reason that we don't hear the dirty truth as often as we should and therefore can't make informed choices. Or maybe I'm just stupid!

Dear Bunny,

Last week, Exxon Mobil announced record profits -- at the same time that the rest of us were paying record high prices at the gas pump.

It doesn't need to be this way. Our energy prices don't need to be this high.

If we repower America and generate 100% of our electricity from clean sources within ten years, we can bring our energy costs down.

A lot of people are surprised when they find out how quickly we can make this transition. We've built a fun quiz to help show the way. How well do you know America's energy? You might find the answers surprising.

We can start relying on fuels that are free and abundant right here at home. Fuels like the sun and wind. Once our electricity grid is based on clean sources, we can plug in our cars, use those free energy sources, and stop paying through the nose to the oil companies.

On the day Exxon announced its record profits, I testified before the U.S. Congress. I explained that there are no technical or material impediments to achieving the goal of 100% clean electricity within ten years. The only thing missing is political will. And that's why the We Campaign exists -- to build support for solutions that can revitalize our economy and solve the climate crisis.

The average score of people who've taken the quiz is 63% Can you beat that? FIND OT


Cathy Zoi