September 05, 2008


What a voice! Between her wild vocal interpretation and the fab house arrangement, Aretha Franklin's mega-smash RESPECT is almost unrecognizable. This is a lip-synch, but the Deva still works it. And as always, she is the dykiest straight woman I've ever seen! Not brandishing a hammer in construction gear! Nuts!

As usual, dance artists fare better in Europe, and I gagged that there was a music video of her 1991 cover of IT SHOULD'VE BEEN ME, which Flotilla Debarge used to lip-synch to at Boy Bar. Of course, many queens still lip-synch to Yvonne Fair's Norman Whitfiled-produced 70's version of the song from the rare album THE BITCH IS BLACK. But again, Adeva totally switches the groove and melody and if not improves on, at least measures up to the original. And they even glammed her up a little in this really fun video.