August 04, 2008



"Back in the 80s it was quite normal for gay singers
to hang around the London Apprentice on Old Street,
and they rarely got any bother from the other gayers
in the bar. On one occasion I was cruising round
the sleazy part of the bar when I came upon a
bare-chested Marc Almond, looking very sexy. I
followed him to a dark corner. I noticed that he had
a yellow hanky hanging out of his right hand jeans
pocket, so I took it that he was into watersports.

"Marc turned round to face me. I took out my dick and
started to piss on him. Somewhat outraged, he asked
what the fuck I thought I was doing. I told him I
thought he was into watersports because of the yellow
hanky in his right pocket. 'It's a t-shirt,' he

"Oops, sorry Marc."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something similar happened to Bronski Beat's Jimmy Sommerville when he was on tour in Chicago when I lived there in the 90s. He went to the dirty booth-store The Ram on Halstead Street and was outraged when the hot cock that came through the hole delivered not a hot load of the white stuff but, rather, of the yellow. Apparently he pitched quite the fit, and it was the talk-of-the-town!

7:41 PM  
Blogger Mitzi said...

What was that story of Marc Almond having to have his stomach pumped due to his over indulgence of cum?

2:30 AM  

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