July 31, 2008


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While crude oil surpassed $140 per barrel for the first time ever, Exxon/Mobil raked in the highest quarterly profits ever in the US. The figures made worldwide headlines. Rachel pointed out another interesting figure. Exxon/Mobil also announced it spent 1% of those profits on developing new sources of energy. So by Rachel's calculations, the gas giant spends more on TV commercials which claim that they are developing new fuel sources. This shit is bananas!

Also, a major flaw was discovered during the rescue efforts of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center--the FDNY's radios did not work properly, and didn't communicate with the NYPD's radios. In 2001, Giuliani gave a no-bid contract for new radios to Motorola. With no competiton, the faulty radio's price ten-tupled from $1.4 billion to S14 billion. The new, 10 times-more-expensive-radios failed again during 9/11 rescue efforts.

Rachel announced that the broken-since-1993 equipment has finally been fixed! And Giuliani had the nerve to run as a national security expert!

Giuliani is currently under investigation for wrongdoing in this no-bid contract for faulty equipment. Here's a video of how betrayed firefighters feel about the lives lost due to a problem Giuliani "fixed" with corruption.