August 27, 2008


But the Jackie 60 crew will be doing their LOW LIFE thang again this year as part of the Howl Festival on 9/7 from 5-7 in Tompkins Square park. I just received their newsletter and here's more info about their kooky event witha a calvacade of downtown fav's. Lordy, did I have fun last year hanging out in the audience at someone else's festival for a change! But damn, that dress code is kinda rough--corsets in August?

On September 7, JACKIE FACTORY producers CHI CHI VALENTI and JOHNNY DYNELL will present their second annual HOWLUCINATION to crown this year's HOWL! FESTIVAL. HOWLUCINATION is a new spectacle created by the JACKIE FACTORY each year as an evening event for HOWL!. The new LOW LIFE CITY follows on the heels of their first HOWLUCINATION at HOWL! - last year's scandalous LOW LIFE. LOW LIFE CITY is a two hour theatrical showcasing the East Village - and especially, The Bowery, in a lavishly costumed production starring dozens of downtown's finest. A time-travelling, bawdy and witty cavalcade of talent, this show is not recommended for children!

This year's superb cast is now complete - MCs PAUL ALEXANDER (of "The Ones") and HATTIE HATHAWAY, icon JOEY ARIAS with master puppeteer BASIL TWIST, burlesque supernovas DIRTY MARTINI, MISS DELIRIUM TREMENS and JONNY PORKPIE and NASTY CANASTA of PINCHBOTTOM BURLESQUE, drag divinity SWEETIE, butoh ensemble VANGELINE THEATER, WORLD FAMOUS *BOB*, LOGO song star ADAM JOSEPH as The Irish Tenor, slapstick duo DUELLING BANKHEADS, sister act ACID BETTY and EPIPHANY, sensationalist AMBER RAY, Bay Area artiste FAUXNIQUE, BLACKLIPS eminence POISON EVE, members of THE PIXIE HARLOTS, and New Bowery treasures TRINA ROSE, HEATHER LITTEER aka JESSICA RABBIT DOMINATION and TIGGER!

Dress up and join us in the park! Wear NYC demimonde evening glamour (1860-2010), Gangs of New York, Victorian/Edwardian rags, newsboy caps, B'hoy for Butch Women, corsets and vintage lingerie, Bowery Belle ringlets, Opium Den loungewear, Vampyre of Gotham, black parasols, Bowery Twink, velvet, 19th century Clownwear, Top Hats or Bowery Punk.