August 23, 2008


The above pic is from the last Trannyshack at the Stud, with Peaches Christ, Heklina and Putanesca. Tonight, at the Regency in San Francisco, there will be a special Kiss-Off to the long-running drag night with all the Trannyshack regulars as well as special guests Lady Miss Kier, Ana Matronic, Justin Bond and myself. It is waaaaay sold out.

If you're in New York, you might wanna check out the annual House of Latex Ball. Sponsored by GMHC to spread HIV prevention, this event has grown ver the years into perhaps the largest voguing ball in the country. This year's theme is PASSAGE THROUGH TIME, which I guess is essential since the website lists the balls' hours tonight as from 8PM-4PM. Hungh? Click HER for more info. There definitely will be some of the most beautiful people in NYC in attendance. And also some of the shadiest!