August 20, 2008


RuPaul, my drag mother in Atlanta, GA, once put me in Boy George drag--the braided extensions with bows look--when Boy was rocking the charts like crazy. I even won $50 circa 1985 at a costume contest dressed as the singer.

Fast forward a couple decades, and I find myself sitting in Boy's Hampstead mansion for an interview during a recent trip to London. Here's one of the pics. Click HERE to read the interview, called Bunny Boiler. Also keep an ear out for Boy's new song, YES WE CAN, an homage to Obama. I'm very sorry that George's recent tour was cancelled since we need to hear this. I can't believe that McCain has just edged above Obama in the polls.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

super interesting...

so do I have to pretend to be a dinosaur hung latin thug from hell to get in your apartment and snatch a wig?

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Polls in August really don't mean a lot, and the "lead" McCain has is within the margin of error.

But! yeah! be upset and concerned and get involved. And everyone, give some money to Obama's campaign, and volunteer some time. We all need to do more than we did in 2004 if we don't want the same thing to happen again

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was the wig snatch poster and also the guy who sometimes may or may not say things like... "binack rimbama is tired" I mean I AM a democrat and will probably vote for him HOWEVER here's the deal

It's the whole bush experience that has me gun shy towards Obama believe it or not. I have been a rabid political junky since as long as I can remember and I saw Obama from the begging super slick outright lying straight out the gate with his dangerous slogans and rants and chants like telling the world that if you know what you are doing and have experience that this is a bad thing. Looking into the camera giving his best Tammy Faye saying "I am NOT a politician". And I see that everyone is so very badly burned by the times that George Bush was doing the very same thing... looking into cameras saying he want's to unite and not divide and that he does not believe in preemptive warfare. Looking RIGHT INTO THE CAMERA and lying and we knew it.

I guess I'll vote for Obama even though I know in my heart he's been lying just as much if not more. It's not good on either side of the spectrum. And I understand why so many of my people are not thinking and just blindly rabidly supporting him without question without demanding that we dig a little deeper to make sure we don't get just stylized lies and more damage in the future.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without Hillary---Obama will not win. Voters are 77% white here, in a 75% white country. He had better make the right decision, or we're all finished--the country, him, and everything else.

9:35 PM  

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