August 05, 2008




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Oh sweetie.. post another. Post another!! (turning...)

I love Harold almost as much as I love The Lady Bunny.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Win Lunch with Mart Crowley & Autographed Items!

Theatre buffs will love this incredible package!

Bid now for a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy lunch with Mart Crowley, writer of Boys in the Band, as well as receive fabulous memorabilia including an official program, photograph, autographed paperback copy of the play, and an autographed photo of the original cast!

Newly added: You will also receive a 40th Anniversary DVD of BOYS IN THE BAND signed by Mart Crowly!

Mart Crowley wrote the screenplay for the show, which began off-broadway before eventually becoming a feature film in 1970.

The Boys in the Band was considered groundbreaking for its frank and honest portrayal of gay men. The play’s challenging and enduring themes served as an inspiration to many future gay playwrights.

The ensemble cast, all of whom also played the roles in the play's initial stage run in New York City, includes Kenneth Nelson as Michael, Peter White as Alan, Leonard Frey as Harold, Cliff Gorman as Emory, Frederick Combs as Donald, Laurence Luckinbill as Hank, Keith Prentice as Larry, Robert La Tourneaux as Cowboy, and Reuben Greene as Bernard.

The film is set in an Upper East Side apartment in New York City in the late 1960s. Michael, a lapsed Roman Catholic and recovering alcoholic, is preparing to host a birthday party for his friend Harold. His other friend Donald, a self-described underachiever who has moved from the city, arrives and helps Michael prepare. Alan, an old and presumably straight college chum of Michael's, calls with an urgent need to see Michael. Michael reluctantly agrees and invites him to his home.

Among Harold's presents is "Cowboy", since Harold may have trouble finding a cute young man on his own now that he's getting older. As the party progresses the self-deprecating humor of the group takes a nasty turn as the men become drunker. Climaxed by a cruel telephone "game" where each man must call someone and tell him (or her?) of his love for them.

Check out to place your bid! Proceeds will benefit The Transport Group!

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