July 17, 2008


The fool is trying to run with his foreign policy as a centerpiece of his campaign. But this video shows him referring to something that has been bothering him recently-that Russia is sending oil supplies to Czechoslovakia.

Well, my friend, that country has not existed since 1993 when it split in two!

Did you know this? Maybe not.

Did I know this. Nope. I had to do a spell-check on it.

But we ain't running for president on the basis of our foreign policy expertise. And even if Czechoslovakia DID still exist, should Russia's oil supplies to the non-existent fairy-land factor in much to a foreign policy which matters to his audience in Albuquerque, New Mexico or anywhere else in the country?

The whole country wants out of this war! Focus on that, grandpa! TIme to put this dithering old fool out to pasture. This isn't the first time he's made the exact same mistake. And if you need more reason to despise him, by all accounts, the #1 issue in the country is the pathetic economy. He has plainly said "I don't know much about the economy." Well then how the hell do you think he's gonna fix it--with the same policies which Bush used to sink us into a recession? Jesus, even if you could care less about the thousands dying needlessly i Iraq and don't wish to vote for Obama because you hate black people, surely you care enough about your financial well-being to see that Obama isn't senile. After two terms of Bush, do we need another idiot running things?

At least he's just senile. His (Stepford) wife's a complete liar, although possibly fun to party with. After a history of stealing prescription drugs from a charity she worked for, the McCain campaign is now trying to make the filthy rich heiress, who has never touched a kitchen utensil in her cotton-picking life, seem more like a humble homemaker. How? By releasing two of her favorite cookie recipes. Isn't that sweet? Unfortunately, she'd stolen (or had McCain aides steal) existing recipes from well-known cooking sites and changed a few ingredients slightly.

And if you want more info on the 'scrip-stealing, here's an exceprt from and a link to an excellent article from Salon.com:

Among the questions asked: Did Cindy McCain get preferential treatment by the feds? True, Cindy was a first-time offender, which partially explains the fact that she did no prison time; instead, she entered a diversion program. But at the time, defense lawyers told New Times that if Cindy McCain had been a poor minority and not married to a U.S. senator, she likely would have been locked up.




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