May 13, 2008


IT'S ME, WHO LIKE HER HUSBAND AL, THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE AND OSCAR WINNER, ALSO HAILS FROM TENNESSEE. I even remember his old Tennessee election slogan, GO FOR GORE, which as a child, I assumed was GOPHER GORE. Politics have msytified me since.

Tipper is such a preppy name, so what better place to catch up with her than that bastion of preppiedom, Greenwich, Connecticutt. I dj'ed at the opening of the Mitchell Gold/Bob Williams furniture store opening last Thursday. Tipper's a shutterbug and she sells her prints at several of the MG/BE locations. She's as sweet as pecan pie as cute as a button with a doll-face like Kate Pierson's.

I did think it was a hoot to have my backside/butt pads featured in the window of Greenwich's main drag, East Putnam Avenue, behind glass with the words "Comfort has arrived" painted on it. It opened a few eyes of locals driving by or even one man who literally had on the green corduroy with red whales emdroidered on them effect out walking his pooch. The publicist had asked if I had any Lilly Pulitzer to wear, so I obliged with a Lilly-ish print gown.If you aren't familiar with Lilly, she was responsible for some of the wackiest prints ever, but always in a demure A-lie or shirt-dress conservative cut. There's always been a connection between loud colors and old money--it's kind of like the notion that we're so rich that we can pull off something this outlandish. Lilly even made acid-colored prints for men. Here are a few of her signature, summery looks. The prints are a little like Pucci, but more American and less old world, and more likely to be in cotton than Pucci's rich silk jersey.


I don't know if this trippy print was a Lilly, but this party gal definitely had the Greenwich look down.

Some other party people, including the gal on the right with a coat she told me was from Jay Crew! Looks more like Courreges to me! PS: Spot the very convincing sex-change in this pic! There goes the neighborhood!

This lady's look was extraordinary. Anyone recognize this frock's unusual cut? She put her bag down to pose for the pic and I wasn't sure why. I'm color-blind, but it seemed to me that the bag didn't match. However, the current fashion is very throw-on-a-yellow-shoe when-there's-nothing-else-yellow-in-your-ensemble--ie: fucked-up on purpose. Of course, it could also reflect a this-bag-is-so-pricey-that-it-goes-with-anything effect for your nerves.

I did like this gal's mod buckle detail on her jacket.

And this zippy blend of loud prints:

Preppies do like a cocktail, ad I was a little shocked at this two-fisted drinker/expectant mom. (KIDDING: She worked with the catering company.)

Of course, the kids always steal the show. Look at this precious, rosy-cheeked angel! This could be MG/BW's new ad campaign!

And these two youngsters are the kids of the publicist, Eloise Goldman, who is Mitchell Gold's sister. Can you believe how sweet this mugs are? Check out her demure left foot position and and that handsome young man modelling with his hand in his pocket (a la a Jay Crew catalogue model) and leaning his head into Auntie Bunny's crotch. Ahem! He was a natural-born entertainer who eagerly grabbed the mic from my hand during the raffle. Of course, with a little white wine freeing my tongue, I commented that the brats were sooo cue that I was tempted to do my Michael Jackson impersonation. You can take the girl out of Chattanooga......


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Blogger Mistress Maddie said...

Miss Bunny,I think your recap of this very "Lily" party was very funny!And your frock was just fine,adding a flair of style to a otherwise establishment party. Not to mention you had by far,the best coif in the place!!

9:09 PM  

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