May 25, 2008


Here's a different take on the the star-studded Cannes Film Festival from The Daily Mail:

Cannes of worms: The ugly truth about the world's most famous film festival

Models on the make, seedy millionaires and porn between the premieres - the Mail's LIZ JONES reveals the putrid reality that lies beneath the glamour at Cannes

AN EXCERPT: 'Why on earth,' I say, 'would you want to go to one of those yacht parties?' 'It's nice,' she says. ( Conversation is not always a model's strong point.)

I ask how old she is and she says (bearing in mind she looks all of 18): 'I don't want to say my age. People will start to judge me... I might not get a new ad campaign. You know how it is.'

A director in earshot yawns and adds: 'They all want to act. Failing that, all they want to do is marry a rich man.'

It is the sheer number of very young women being paraded around town by men who make Clint Eastwood look sprightly that turns my stomach.


And speaking of seedy sluts, my glamorous sister Elaine Lancaster from Miami made the jet-set scene promoting a documentary she's in called THE FUNDRAISER. Elaine looked so glamorous that when she asked Faye Dunaway for a photo, Faye was delighted, and glady posed for a couple of pix. She asked Elaine where she was from and they had a mutual admiration chat amidst the popping flashbulbs. Elaine also mentioned that Sean Penn refused a pic with her, but that he was camera-shy with everyone.

A day or so later, Elaine was out of drag at a cafe and in walks Faye, a bit disheveled and rummaging through her purse. Elaine said "Miss Dunaway?" and Faye snapped back "Can't you see I'm busy?" In one of her wittier moments, Elaine replied "Sorry, Mommie Dearest"--while fleeing for her life. Hee hee!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Faye could certainly use the brush of whoever does Elaine's gorgeous face. She is a Goddess! Someone needs to get her involved with a make-up company indorsement. I've always heard Faye was less than friendly.

5:51 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Elaine is purdy--but the brush you refer to is one which all the queens love--the airbrush. Elaine's gotten really good at "fixing" her own pix--and has even been known to "kiss"--as she calls it-photos for her sister queens like Hot Chocolate and myself! --LB

11:20 PM  

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