April 29, 2008


Craig's List is a hoot. Here's a recent entry (perhaps inspired by the Pope's visit) forwarded by a friend:

Priest Cruising Me at Papal Mass, Sat AM - m4m - 29 (Midtown East)

Reply to: pers-648568768@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-04-19, 4:29PM EDT

Hey, Father, I saw you giving me the eye before Mass with the Pope at St. Pat's...I know your b/f who showed me your pic, but you don't know that yet...Hit me up and lets see if we can connect too (your b/f says you and your priest friends love younger guys). Major collar queen here...I know you guys read Craigslist...please e-mail!

I also was cruising the tranny prostitute section to check out my competition and found this odd pic for a hooking ad. I mean, she's really cute, but the argyle sock with a g-string and wife-beater posed by a pool table is just too many things! LOVE IT!



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