February 29, 2008


That ho is keeping me up to date on the crazy goings on down in Rio de Janeiro, where she makes an annual pilgrimage around Carnaval time. One day I've got to join her. Instead of paying the modest fee for the hunky prostitutes who congregate in the saunas/brothels, she performs there and gets paid in dick! So somewhere in Rio, there's a sauna full of hunky hustlers with glitter make-up in their pubic hair. ANd they are lucky if that's all she done left 'rm with. Here's a pic of a hunky soap star who is "performing" at the sauna soon.

To really rub it in, the hag just emailed a pick of this cutie, who I guess is a myspace buddy of mine, and by mentioning my name she got laid! Wish that worked in NYC! (Maybe she's putting a pillow uner the front of her dress an impersonationg me!) I hope the woman with him ain't his mom. "Hey son! Go screw that crazy-looking drag queen. She knows Lady Bunny." Can you imagine???

But when she doesn't have a cock in each end, Esther does root out new cultural trends. She sent me these vid's of a new dance craze called the Creu, which apparently has something to do with the government screwing everybody over. It is hot and nasty and I would give any of these cuties a tongue bath to show my appreciation of their talent. An instructional video follows.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd give everything but my sex drive to meet blue shorts (from the first Creu vid)with that hip action he has got to take you to heaven!


ps the lavage techs send their love.


6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mens down their are by far the hottest on the planet,but Bunny-the reason Esther is cleaning up is because your not down their.if you were she would only be getting the scraps you left behind!!

5:34 PM  

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