January 10, 2008


Surprise, surprise! Fox is known for misleading it's viewers with it's conservative slant. But this is an outright lie concerning Paul Begala. After Paul contacted and corrected Fox, the "news" station continued to run the BS story. Though Paul Begala is smart as a whip, he's hardly big news. So imagine how they tinker with/lie about bigger stories like polls, election results and Iraq. I found this a fascinating example of how the news is flagrantly perverted

An excerpt from Paul's HUFFPO expose:

Fox News: We Report -- Even if We Know It's False

I've been dealing with the media and politics for 25 years, but I've never had a more surrealistic day than January 8. Several times that day Fox News reported that I was joining Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign. It was a big story - at least until the stunning election returns.

The only problem was, it wasn't true.

Fox News never even tried to contact me to verify their story, and when I contacted Fox, I felt like a character in a Kafka novel -- or at least Curb Your Enthusiasm.

After I told Fox it wasn't true -- and this is the surreal part -- they kept reporting it anyway..



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this story since I read it a few days ago. Good lord, in my day this would be HUGE news that every pundit and late-night comic would be pulling apart. But nowadays you have to read the Huffington Post to even know about it. And can you imagine the right-wing explosion of indignance if Dan Rather had been the mistaken reporter and not this Fox News guy?

10:13 PM  
Blogger Star Queen said...

yes, there is a sickening double standard

5:33 PM  
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