January 31, 2008



Soldier Suicides at Record Level

Increase Linked to Long Wars, Lack of Army Resources

Wow! Lack of army resources???? The US spends more on defense than every other nation in the world combined. And the government blares on his "Support the troops" to tug at heartstrings. So how, with such a huge military budget, the soldiers are committing suicide gue to 'lack of army resources?

I'll tell you. We don't want to win in Iraq. We want to establish a permanent military base to de-stabilize the region and steal their oil. Does anyone agree?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bunny, So sad. I wanted to do something so I went to anysoldier.com. Soldiers can post their name and address and list things that they could use in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places. I had fun putting together a couple boxes to send to them. Most of the things they need are basic necessities. I put in some DVDs, books, mags, and treats too because there is a lot of downtime. You should do a box and blog about it.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Chattanooga Chou Chou,

I do wish you would define your pronouns more clearly. "We" don't want to win, "We" want to steal their oil? I doubt that Ms. Bunny is included in that "We".

The real we that counts is we the people. And what we want is for our boys and girls to get the hell out of there and let those people take care of their own business over there. The mainland USA is being neglected; Katrina, plains tornados, western wild fires, the military could have been a great help, not to mention the border with Mexico.

And Bunny, you bet your booty that there is a hell of a lot of money leaving the USA destined for the rich of Arabia. It doesn't come cheap. Part of the price that is paid is that the US press says very little about the routine slaughter of gays in those oil producing countries. The holocaust ended in Germany more than sixty years ago, but is ongoing in Arabia. We all heard about that gang-raped saudi girl that got caught hanging out with a guy, but very little was mentioned about how the guy was gang raped too.

We are buying oil at the cost of freedom to gay rights, and freedom of public discourse. Those boys and girls want to kill themselves because they feel they have to fight without a purpose, and don't even have to means to do so. This war has no military action to acomplish, but a social one.

We wouldn't use so much oil if the mantra of the age weren't 'growth'.
We have to embrace equilibrium. We don't need any more people, or subdivisions and condo towers on the scale we have them built now. We need to arrange our lives so that they can be lived as fully without fuel burning vehicles. We want to cherish the freedoms of America and not give into 'hate speech' and 'hate crimes' laws with stifle creativity and put a chill into freedom of the press. We want the freedom to offend.

We need to stop supporting the fag-killing cult of Mohammed, and our compatriots that sell out our right to live in exchange for oil. We can let them find their own future over there, and we will do the same here. That's what we want. And I know that we includes you Bunny.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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