December 16, 2007



The Bush-appointed head of the FCC, a Republican named Kevin Martin, is trying to sneak through new rules that will make megamedia consolidation even easier than it is now. In other words make it easier for huge corporations to own and operate all of the newspapers, magazines, movie companies, and TV and radio stations, and to distribute, and censor what we read, see, and hear there (that includes the internet, natch). He wants to do this before Christmas and is betting on the public not noticing or responding in time.

Check out the video on this page. It explains the issue succinctly and cleverly:


And please sign the petition. They will not contact you if you uncheck the little box there. But maybe you'd want them to contact you if it's about shit like this!

Three years ago the same attempt on the part of a different FCC chairman was shot down by hundeds of thousands of Americans being alerted in the nick of time and signing online petitions etc for Congress to take action. Apparently this time there's another groundswell of support for Congressional action. But we only have a few days to take action.


Blogger Star Queen said...

what if the bush nazi regime does come fully into power then they take these petetions around mapquesting us and imprisoning us for going against us

7:52 PM  

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