August 30, 2007


TOO BAD IT'S ONLY ON IN ENGLAND! (But it is a World of Wonder production: more info HERE.)

Sex Change Hospital C4, 11.05pm

From The Daily Mail by Jane Simon 30/08/2007

IT'S fitting that the sex-change capital of the world should be Trinidad, Colorado - a town that can't make up its mind whether it's Arthur or Martha.

We're back again at the Mount San Rafael Hospital where none of the trans-gender patients we've met so far looks nearly as good as their glamorous surgeon Dr Marci Bowers - a walking advertisement for gender reassignment, having "transitioned" herself as they call it, decade ago.

Transitioned is a very tidy-sounding word for a very messy operation so prepare to faint as Michael becomes Stephanie and Ryan has another op to leave his former self of Julie behind.

The art of turning a woman into a man is still having the bugs ironed out of it and, even after four operations that have left him bankrupt, Ryan's still not happy with his residual lady bits.

But his wife, Kim, is, as ever, isn't short of encouragement. "We can see the end of the tunnel now," she tells him, no pun intended.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched this programme last night with interest and horror. Ryan, the female to male transsexual had silicone testicles inserted into his piss flaps some time ago, however, one of them had got lodged up inside his groin causing him pain, he was having it stitched into place, then his “Flipper bit” removed, scar tissue the surgeon said it was called. The truly disgusting bit of it all was when the surgeon pulled back his tiny little thimble clitty dick to reveal disgusting, smelly, yellow smega, even the surgeon gagged and she told Ryan’s partner to make sure he cleans down there preferable with a toothbrush. The whole man cunt thing resembled the face of Deputy Dog and anyone who watched it would never eat chopped liver again!

Stephanie, she doesn't give a frig about her facial appearance at all, a nose like Concorde and warts all over her face,and lets not forget the hair! she looked like the pantomime dame Widow Twanky! Her equally ugly tranny friend 72-year-old Parkinson’s disease sufferer accompanied her for moral support; I didn’t catch her name, as I was too busy doing a mental makeover on her. I watched in horror as the surgeon scraped away at Stephanie’s raw bloody cock, she said she was removing the erection parts. Anyway, when the surgeon had finished it looked more like a ripped out fireplace than a vag. Gruesome indeed!

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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