March 17, 2007


I don't usually watch or post clips from THE VIEW, Cyndi's just so lovable. She claims "I don't tawlk so good" and then launches into an eleoquent speech about gay rights to sell her HRC-benefitting tour. The conservative blonde (See, I havenn't watched that much if I don't know her name!) host immediately asked about Cyndi's husband and child--"Would she be taking them along?", implying some sort of tainting by osmosis or actual molestation might be in store for her clan. Miss O'Donnell, was also pretty spectacular slamming torture on the show on Friday, too. Oh, and then I finally saw a clip of Rachel Ray doing her thing. She's got a touch of that forced fun which was Rosie's trademark on Ro's old show--they're acting perky, but you know there's something else underneath. With Rosie, that something turned out to be outspokenness. I've only seen her once, but Rachel seems like a party girl with that husky voice, no? So I'm becoming a daytime TV granny tranny ! And y'all are like, BECOMING??? Try BECAME YEARS AGO!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I NEVER miss this girl's concerts

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just listeing to that thinking about the meaning it holds as related to what she says in that interview and I remember being this hated faggot in a tiny Tennessee town and I was so alone-fortunately I had/have a family who love me, unfortunately they don't accept the reality that I am a neldra whether I have a cock in my mouth or don't, I'm still the same person, a man who doesn't fit neatly into the one box prescribed by society for him-so I just fanagled these purchases, Cyndi's true colors cassette and listened to it mesmerized entranced taking it only at face value: a song I like, she looks neat, i like to listen to this. then returning to the reality of faggot faggot queer cocksucker spit on you spit on you
kick you slap you

and so now I remember and I think oh, not only was it a song I like and I like the way she looked maybe she had some idea that I was out there somewhere not understanding why I was so hated and why I WAS RIDICULED for everything I liked

puts a different coat of paint on things

and that's how I got superaids

1:26 AM  
Blogger Aaron said...

The conservative blonde is Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She's sort of filling two spots at once: the Debi Matenopoulos "blonde" slot and the Star Jones "conservative bitch" slot.

11:13 AM  

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