November 22, 2006


Maybe I'm being naive, but I can't help thinking that the OJ fiasco and the democratic election are connected in some way. Even though the same corporations which run 90% of the TV news forcefeed us republican talking points daily, the people, even evangelicals, stood up and said "No, this is not the way we want to be governed." Stupid-ass Bush visiting Vietnam? Here in the US, republican congressional hopefuls were so eager to avoid want his bad rep that they refused to be seen with him on the campaign trail. Who the fuck wants to see his ass overseas? He can't even win over his own people! Though I must say, you look prettier in a dress than your dowdy-ass mom.

And though I'm certainly not PC myself, the totally tasteless notion of OJ's book and interview series on Fox in which he specualates on how he would've murdered people who he probably did murder caused such an overwhelming outcry that it was cancelled. Again, the public has spoken. This is not government and the blueprint of a grisly slaying are not entertainment. Are we getting our voices back and questioning things--or at least starting to? Whether you're a little old lady in Topeka or a little old drag queen in NYC--ok, so I'm not little-- if you make yourself heard, there's strength in numbers and the government, like Fox TV and OK's publisher, can't function without our support. Or our coins. Perhaps if we make a big enough stink, advertisers will abandon Fox. Or at the very least perhaps that granny in Kansas will start to doubt the the validity of Fox news, now that we plainly see where Fox is coming from: conservative values except when it comes to making money by glorifying a murdering pig--and doesn't OJ beat his current mate? (I smell a reality show.) Let's continue to make a stink and take 'em all down.


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Phil O'Really relegated to 'roid cream ads and am radio talk shows, a fate befitting such a goon

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