October 08, 2006


One of the Pyramid Club's rarest of divas, Alexis Del Lago, now has her very own website. Now residing in LA where she runs a vintage dress shop named The Scarlett Empress, Alexis harks back to the days of Club 82, where she was billed as "The Male Dietrich." A girlfriend of Holly Woodlawn, she also rubbed elbows with the Warhol set and makes a unforgettable--believe me, I tried--appearance in that recent Jackie Curtis documentary.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember her from the jackie dvd...she could barely move in that apartment it was so crammed with glittering tchotchkes. like a pack-rat liberace . She won my respect.

12:05 AM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Simone, I think you are nuts. No one has disrespected Alexis del Lago here. My original post was based on my excitement that she has a site now--I wanted to let people know about it. If I wanted to dissrespect her, I might I would have plenty of material because though she is fascinating, she is certainly no sweetheart. Just ask her neighbor--the one who sent Alexis to jail for threatening her young son with a hammer!

And I have no way of controlling the content of comments on my blog, but even Bob, who mentioned the tchotchkes, said that Alexis earned his respect.

YOU seem to be the disrespectful one, and ready to use a comment defending Alexis into a tirade against Holly, who was never as pulled together as Alexis, it's true, but who is a complete sweetheart and bona fide Warhol superstar of whom Alexis is jealous.

I don't even know why I am defending this post--I wanted to let the few people who remember Alexis know about her website--because I'm interestd in her. You've completely mixed up my (and Bob's) points.

And for the record, this blog is not known for being "respectful." So if you are looking for that, look elsewhere. --B

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lady Bunny,I think you were wrong to say that simone is nuts.She made a good point,and let's face it,saying..."I wanted to let the few people who remember Alexis...."
is being disrespectful.You said,...
"this blog is not known for being respectful..." Blogs are for telling people how you feel---and I
feel that you defended your post because you got caught giving an off-handed comment that even you felt bad about saying.There's comedy--and there's being cruel---
making fun of someone isn't funny.

1:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lady Bunny,you must REALLY dislike
this Alexis Del Lago.Did simone hit
a nerve?Because you certainly got defensive.

1:16 AM  
Blogger ClubSoda said...

Simone, let me tell you that what Lady Bunny said is truth. I know Alexis since he live in Puerto Rico (where he is from) and then we meet again in LA (he was living in Hollywood and I was living in BH), Alexis went to jail once and he is lucky he didn't had to go twice, because more than once he had threaten people saying that he will kill them and things like that (and I saw him doing it). Alexis was talented but his attitude was awful even with the people that help him. And let me add, his store was not successful, he was living the day by day barely making it, shopping in Marshall's and Ross and reselling at his store. Also, it was very sad to see Alexis taking West Hollywood homeless to his place for his sexual favors. And I know for a fact that Alexis is jealous of Holly Woodland (also puertorrican like Alexis).
Simone I only have to say that seems like the Alexis Blasini Cabaza (you will call him Alexis del Lago) that you know is completely different person to the one that I know since he use to be a man in Puerto Rico.

9:46 PM  
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