August 08, 2006


I've been working in Vancouver, but finally have a sec and a few things caught my bloodshot eye amongst today's headlines.

There was a large oil spill up here in British Columbia, with 100 birds affected. Sorry 'bout that, Canada! Dropped my li'l ol' make-up kit!

Paris Hilton has sworn off sex for a year. Since her announcement, the number of reported hepres outbreaks in LA and St. Tropez have dropped drastically. Especially among barnyard animals.

Older whore Madonna will renew her wedding vows with hubby, she took time off from her world tour to announce. Hmm. Do you think that these meaningless announcements about the inactivity/inactivity of their cunts have any relationship to the fact that one has a record out and the other's trying to sell concert tickets? And why are either of their pronouncements news? Are either of them even interesting? Why am I even writing about them?

Fidel Castro claims that he'll be back to work in 2 weeks. Shit! There were rumors of free trade opening up with Cuba if he died. And if you've ever seen those Cuban boys' trade, fuggedaboudit!

Pamela Anderson hinted during a call-in to Ryan Seacrest's radio show that she might have a bun in her lovin' oven. Hope it likes the taste of silicone-flavored milk!

I know you've all heard about Lance Bass of N Stink coming out of the closet as a gay and admitting to a gay love relationship with Reichen Lemkuhl. I guess the tale which didn't get told as loudly was that Lance's came out after his mom caught wind of the gay rumors after a July 4th weekend of the couple's carrying on in P'town! Here's what the Washington Blade managing editor Kevin Naff had to say about Lance--and child, this queen can read! His editorial is called . Don’t cry for Lance Bass. Reporting the facts doesn’t constitute outing and public figures looking for privacy shouldn’t party in Provincetown gay bars..

Oh, and it just so happens, Kevin points out, that ex-military hunk Reichen has a book coming out soon. We've all got something to sell--at the bottom of the editorial--hey, no jokes about Kevin's sexual preferences here!--there's an ad for Provincetown rentals. Whee! You can go pay out the nose to party with next season's outed-after-no-one-cares-anymore celebs. Or see hags like me perform at the A House like I'm doing this year in August. Yes, we've all got something, however putrid, to sell.

I did think Kevin's editorial brought out some interesting points, mentioning readers' emails, etc. Definitely worth a gander. I was much less impressed the week before, when performing in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, I picked up the Washington Blade to find a column penned by ex-military hunk Jeff Gannon. Remember him? The fake reporter from a fake news agengy who'd show up at White House press conferences to make sure that Bush got some easy questions? And then it was discovered that Jeff was an ex-prostitute catering to military fantasies on his own website? And that he recieved hundreds of clearances to the White House, though only a handful were for official duties? He was doing somebody's doody up in there.

Anyhoo, Jeff's opinion piece was about black pastors walking out of a screening of FACES, a new documentary about AIDS in the black community. I was really with him for the first few paragraphs. His initial point is that we can't only blame the black community's intense homophobia leading to a "down low" lifestyle for the growing transmission of HIV among black women. To solely blame the
"down low" would ignore the roles of unsafe sex, IV drug use and prison rape as causes of HIV's spread. I continue to agree with the following paragraph of his article:

"Conditions in the African-American culture make it a rich environment for a disease is transmitted through irresponsible behavior. Young black men are inundated with glorified images of players, thugs, gang bangers, drug dealers and pimps while their female counterparts are denigrated as “ho’s.” These are not the type of role models that promote development into responsible adults prepared to enter into healthy relationships."

It's true. And who knows safe sex better than a hooker? But then Jeff winds up with a typically republican conclusion:

"THE DIFFICULT SITUATION many African Americans find themselves in is further exacerbated by a national political party that draws power by reinforcing a mentality of victimhood instead of encouraging empowerment through self-determination and entrepreneurship."

Yes, you republican hack, entrepreneurship, the same cherished ideal that has the US destroying Iraq, is the answer to everything. Democrats, with their social services nand assistance, offer only "victimhood." In other words, blacks should ditch the democrats, get off welfare and live your republican American Get-ahead-by-any-means-necessary Corporate Dream and they won't get AIDS as much? Sorry, but I wouldn't go switching parties just yet. Your republican party has failed to educate children of EVERY color, but with a drop-out rate of ONE HALF of all black and hispanic kids nationwide, don't you think spending more on education might keep some black folks out of jail, or boost low self-esteem among black women so that they aren't as tempted to accept cheating men or reduce their safe sex standards and get infected, or lead to some job options other than those which get you busted? Hell, with sex education the republicans wanna fucking preach abstinence over safe sex and ignore the existence of AIDS transmission. So they certainly aren't worried about stopping it. To paraphrase Larry Kramer, the establishment is thrilled that blacks and gays are killing themselves. So they barely even have to think about doing away with undesireables. Just make sure that if we do live, we can't be married.

And just when you are about to slit your wrists, the anti-war dems get a big boost from Lamont beating Hobbit-impersonator Joe Lieberman!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bunny, thank you for voicing out on Gannon's "piece". I shared the same thoughts and feelings after seeing the piece.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bunny, thank you for voicing out on Gannon's "piece". I shared the same thoughts and feelings after seeing the piece.


1:56 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Yes, he obviously wasn't thinking clearly when he was being slipped into those stirrups for his new masterpiece "Greased Lightning." Otherwise, he'd have recognized that he's in a high-risk group himself and not been so quick to throw stones from his glass whorehouse.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girl. love the piece on lance bass..hahahaha. His new sitcom won't even get off the ground ... just like 'gays in space.'

8:26 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

'gays in space': I love it!

Who's the star: June LOCKJAW? :-)


8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you Bunny. You get right down to it...right on.

10:11 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Aaron! Not glass whorehouses! Hysterical! --B

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah lahk it alot

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Fried Pickles...........$2.49

3:25 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

I actually heard somebody use the glass whorehouses phrase alas, it wasn't my original. But I thought it suited Mr. Gannon like a ball gag and stirrups...:-)

12:09 PM  

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