June 23, 2006


Last night a terrorist plot involving the Sears Tower in Chicago and other targets was foiled, with 7 men arrested. I thought "Whew! Good job! Maybe our government is actually protecting us a little more in exchange for whittling away our civil liberties." Didn't you think the same thing? Weren't you comforted? I mean, I sucks that there are still plots hatching on US soil, but it makes the government seem a little more capable if they are prevented from happening.

Tonight, the Miami 7 is being called "aspirational, not operational. They aren't muslim, have no weapons, money or Al Quaeda connections. The rag-tag group did claim that wanted to kill "all the devils we can" in an attack "as good or greater than 9/11." Their diabolical plans also included opening a restaurant to finance their schemes. One expert interviewed on CNN claimed that not only could this bumbling group not take down the Sears Tower, they probably couldn't even find it's elevator.

And tonight, it looks like the 7 have a good case against the government for entrapment. The guys practiced karate together, and wrapped themselves up conspicuously and stood guard outside of a warehouse where they met. Authorities had monitored the gang of wannabes for a year after being tipped off by a neighbor. The government provided them with cameras to photograph potential targets with, and a van for their transportation. What, no free turbans?

Now the news is abuzz with the fact that these are "home-grown" terrorists, like those apprehended in the recent Canadian attempted attack. This kind of shoots the "Fight them over there so we don't have to fight them at home" notion to shit--they're already here, darlin'. And we continue to create them worldwide with scandalous US military operations, with little sprinklings of good will like Haditha thrown in for extra-strength terrorism brewing. Today, a state of emergency was delared in Iraq, where a foolish Bush declared victory years ago.

After the Canadian plot was uncovered, anchors starting squawking junk like "Maybe Mexico is the wrong border to focus on. Our Canadian border is longer and more porous. Canada isn't as tight with their immigration policy as this country so the muslim boogiemen can gain entrance from the north." Why not stop the problem of terrorists at it's root and "cut and run" away from a war which most Americans don't support anymore? You can't seal up every border or police every individual with a beard. If you stop murdering innocent Iraqis, maybe their muslim brethren and sisthren (ok, I made that one up) wouldn't hate us so much that they'd feel compelled to suicide bomb us. It's very interesting that new findings out today indicate that the the earth is at it's hottest temperature in 2,000 years. Also in the news today, the likelihood of outer space communities happening sooner than we think. I think the powers that be are well aware of how unliveable they're making/have made this planet and they're ready to move on to another one. That'll be the ultimate divider of mega-rich and the rest of us. Who'll be admitted to that exclusive club? I just pray that they're planning on a drag bar up there.


Blogger The Artist D said...

If there is a drag bar in space, maybe you could fit a few gays in your suit case to smuggle up there with you. I can so see it now!

11:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got that right!

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off world colonization ? Miss gurl, if you don't know by now that your already living on the most awesome, life friendly planet we know of (move from CNN to the Science Channel) than it might be too late for you !

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought something more like, "Thank God the bastards lucked up this time. I hope they/we should be so lucky stumbling upon the next plot."

And on the subject of "those squawking anchors" I finally got a plausible explanation that I had not bothered to figure out for myself about why the media squawkers have neglected to cover any of the Bush/Cheney Regime's Illegal Dealings and forrays with gay male whores in the white house press core.

When the media goes after republicans they're labeled "liberal" which apparently is akin to professional suicide.

Being the careerists that the over paid talking head meat puppets that they are they bide time bringing us the hard hitting facts about other relevant subjects like dog attack stories and other "issues" like immigration and gay marriage until a hapless democrat gets out of line and then the gloves are off i.e. Bill Clinton.

The inordinately hot temperature is not only alarming but also obvious to me everytime I walk outside on a sunny day.

The sun on my skin is no longer a pleasant thing but instead a scalding scorch as though magnified through a lens.

Your comment about outer space communities and the ensuing division between the ultra rich from the majority of us if atmospheric corporations continue to destroy the planet, it's all very Martian Chronicles, the chapter where all of the black people saved up their money to hire a spaceship to take them all to Mars so they could get away from racism except instead of a group of good people getting away from a group of bad people on earth it's the other way around. The likliehood would be as you suggested I am sure. The elite richest bitches would flutter on out to Alpha Centauri in a fancy glitterjet and leave their destructive money making refineries and toxic waste dumping factories chugging out more and more garbage for us to breath that is if we will even still be able to breath, if there is even a functioning atmosphere after they leave it.

Sorry so long, gurl. You got my hackles up. Welcome back to cyberspace, Bunntageous! Missed Ya", Toonyfish!

2:47 PM  
Blogger Lady Bunny said...

Missed you guys, too! --Bunion

8:09 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Yes, the far right is very good at creating distractions, and just when people start to figure out their bullshit, all of a sudden "there's another terror plot/near miss" that we can heave a heavy sigh of relief didn't come to pass. That's because Bush has gotten all the mileage he can out of those "new videos of Osama bin Laden" that mysteriously appeared every time his poll numbers started falling.

(I like "brethren and cisterns," personally. :-))

12:36 PM  

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