May 22, 2006


Eeeeew! Check out Dick Cheney's hell-spawn hawking her book on Letterman: CROOKSANDLIARS

It's mind-bogglingly enfuriating that a grumpy old straight entertainment talk show host is advocating gay rights and this soulless bullagger isn't. He even asks her why she's stating her position now when she wants to sell a book rather than during the election campaign, when bringing up gay issues might have made a difference. She's as repulsive as her dad. I hope he takes her hunting soon.

WASHPO article on Mary's book PR. God I'd like to style her. Wouldn't she look fab in feathers....and tar?

NEW YORK -- "Are the eyes too much?"

Mary Cheney is peering into the makeup artist's mirror in the early hours of the morning, getting "done" for her appearance on "Good Morning America" with Diane Sawyer. Taped to the mirror is the list of today's guest stars. The name Nick Lachey -- aka the soon-to-be-ex-Mr. Jessica Simpson -- she recognizes. Totally clueless on actress Emmy Rossum. Needs some prompting on Josh Lucas ("Sweet Home Alabama"? Hottie who ends up with Reese Witherspoon?).

Let's say she's a little bit out of her element. Mary Cheney, daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, had made it her business to fly under the radar. She's a pro at shunning the limelight. As the openly gay daughter of a man running for office in a party opposed to gay marriage, she took the hits and let them slide off her as if she were coated with Teflon. Kind of like daddy.

Alan Keyes refers to her as a "selfish hedonist"? No response. Gay-rights activists lampoon her by putting her face on a milk carton ("Have you seen me?")? No response. Her sexual orientation becomes fodder for a presidential debate? No response.

Protesters show up in her hideout home town of Conifer, Colo., and plant a "Bride of Satan" sign outside her house? Nope, not a word.

Until now, that is. Cheney's self-written story of life as a political daughter, campaign strategist and happily partnered gay woman is out this week, with a carefully planned media campaign surrounding its release.


Also on, SNL's animated skit Presidential Out Takes: CROOKSANDLIARS

It's a little disturbing that only comedians are holding this bunch of lying deadbeat's feets to the fire. Didn't the news used to do that, a long, long time ago?


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