July 13, 2005


Here are a few excerpts from the 16 emails posted by Shaina as a response to my blog entry entitled ARUBA BULLSHIT (in the June archives).

God, forgive you for being so silly stupid and bad
I hope that your mother or anyone from from your family never go missing
please just close your mouth


you are lady bunny shit
crazy woman get alife

do you got some feelings?
there is a human missing
not a dog or an ant !!!!!!!
the militars in Ira they decided to be there, it's a pity they die but there are not missing their family know where they are.

Well, I must admit that I was a little thrown by the number and savagery of Shaina's posts. On one hand, I am delighted to use my blog to open up a dialogue with intelligent people with valid points. And I realize that I'm very opinionated and that my views are quite different from those of the average american's.

I'm also aware that some disturbed folks surf the net with little to do but spew hate. I was performing in DC on 1/2/05 and I did an interview with the local gay mag which mentioned my site. The article prompted one DC queen to write a letter so chock full of bitterness that I was almost tempted to fire back. The queen hated the club I was appearing in, it's high cover charge and said that "house parties were the thing in DC anyway". I was then told to "get my bleach blonde wig wearing ass back to NYC." I wanted to write him back and say that I was in DC for work and could care less about the cover charge which I didn't set--just don't come to the show if it's so odious to you. I could care less that house parties in vogue in DC and furthermore, I'm not wearing a bleach blonde wig--duh, I think you usually by the wig in the color you want it in, dunce, not fucking bleach it. But since he had raised no issues of importance, I decided not to tangle with this empty queen whose accusations were too nutty to dignify with a response.

But if you put yourself out there on the 'net and allow comment posts, you never know what you're gonna get. For the most part, the readers who have posted comments have been interesting and articulate and have avoided psychotic stream-of-consciousness insulting crap. They've even corrected me on errors and I've enjoyed poking around on their blogs as well.

Shaina, you ain't one of these folks. Someone sending 16 posts is probably in desperate need of attention, though in your case there's also a need for basic spelling lessons as well--"clouwn"???? Girl! Perhaps you find my that Aruba entry so insensitive that you are genuinely outraged and can't control yourself. (There's a medication for that and it's called arsenic.) But honey, you've missed my basic point. Of course the fact that a girl is missing is sad. Of course I have sympathy for her family. But my point is that ONE MISSING GIRL is incongruous with the amount of press coverage that she is/was getting. There were 53 Americans who died the day I wrote that post who were totally eclipsed by her story. I think their story is 53 times more important, especially since they died in vain in a mindless war which my tax dollars are spent on! No photos of the dead or their coffins or their families. They are just faceless casualties from Dubya's oil heist.

Shaina, THEY TRICKED YOU AND YOU FELL FOR IT HOOK, LINE AND SINKER! They wanted to tug on your heartstrings with the sad tale of this nice all-american girl's tragedy--so that you don't focus on the real one. The fact that the US is a killing machine that has not only killed our own soldiers, but over 100,000 Iraqi CIVILIANS, not soldiers, SHAINA, but women and children including, yes SHAINA, young women like Natalee, who like you, has a problem with spelling. She can't even spell her own fucking name right!

Having a different opinion than mine is fine and dandy, Shaina. But girl, you turned hateful. At first you seem to want to convince me of your viewpont, but then you switch to irrational insults. I'd like to comment on a few of them.

"PERSON" Are the quotes meant to cast aspersions on my humanity? You have a good point here. I prefer "CELESTIAL GODDESS" to person or human..

SELFISH BITCH Am I selfish because I care about someone different from who you care about? And more of them?

STUPID WOMAN Glad I'm "passing", honey.

DO YOU HAVE KIDS No, I only look pregnant.

NO (sic) EVEN MAN OR WOMAN No wonder I don't have kids, Shaina! ("You could have added go fuck youself" here. It's the luxury afforded only to the hermaphrodite.

SUPER UGLY I admit I'm not the world's greatest beauty, but I still look presentable enough to blow a cab driver for a free fare. Well, ok, half fare if it's dark enough.

I WISH I COULD TELL YOU ALL THIS IN PERSON An odd request which I hope is never granted.

YOU MUST HAVE AIDS!!! IF NOT I HOPE SO. And you call me insensitive! Shaina, really.

I REQUEST THAT YOU GO TO A THERAPIST BECAUSE I THINK YOU NEED SOME SERIOUS ANGER/DEPRESSION DRUGS. Look who's talking, bitch! Am I emailing you 16 times and wishing you had a fatal illness? And I do go to therapy, whenever my therapist is re-released from the psych ward and can work me into her schedule. But I'm happy to try any drugs you'd care to send. But, um, might you not need them yourself, Shaina?

I'm an atheist, but was raised a christian and I seem to recall that "god is love". However incensed you may be with my views--which I believe I have the right to express on MY site, no pious person of any religion would wish AIDS on anyone, or stoop to calling me ugly just because we disagree--outside of a kindergarden, that is.

Unfortunately, yours is the type of mentality that voted Bush back into office. It's right in line with Bush's own "You're either for us or against us" mentality with which he charged into Iraq. You're also on par with the small-minded religious right who dismiss all other religions except for their own peculiar cult--the way you dismiss my differing opinion--and decree that anyone who isn't saved is going to hell. Well, I'm not going to hell--I'm already in it with morons like you and Dubya--you voted for him didn't you?--calling the shots in a country which I'm trying to enjoy living in. I've never seen you, but inside, you, Shaina, are truly ugly. And if I haven't died from the AIDS you wished on me, in a decade or two, I'll be around to read the history books denounce Bush as the worst president in US history and expose the media of this time period as the most bullshit ever. Sorry that you'll have to wait until then to realize what an idiot you were. But then again, an idiot never really realizes much, do they Shaina? You "Clouwn"!


Blogger Mistress_Mini said...

Oooo snap! You go girl! People like that shouldn’t even have access to a computer. It's a shame that with all the other things gone wrong in this country, that’s what she decides to focus her anger on. Oh, and I think the uncalled for name calling is just her special way of saying I’m jealous because I’ll never stack up to be half the woman Bunny is. Rock on celestial goddess!

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a girl missing in Aruba? It's a clear act of terrorism. We MUST launch an attack on Aruba to bring democracy to its people. Oh wait, they don't export oil? Not even extra virgin olive? Not even erogenous? Shit, theyr'e not democracy worthy!

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats ARUBA? Is that like CORUBA?

and "BUN-BUN the Clowun"... LOL, that would be a great act!!!

2:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha! She was just the unlucky one.... We've all been 18 and drunk trying to get fucked by a bunch of guys (haven't we). That poor girl was just the unlucky one who is now shark bait! And her mother, Aghhh!! "She was such a good Christian girl from Alabama and here, take a prayer braclet for my girl." Your daughter was a SKANK!!!! She was trying to get every hole filled with manly goodness (which is admirable) but something went wrong. Why would you pay for your 18 year old daughter to leave the country and get smased anyway? Wouldn't a kegger have been cheaper (and safer0?

5:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a most brilliant response to something I have read in a long time. I rather enjoyed the part about her way of thinking is what got Bush reelected, so true. It's always sad to me when people cannot look beyond what they are given on a silver platter, if only they saw how it was prepared and who made it.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweetie, people like her stupid bitch self make me so so sad...do not waste your fabolous time trying to enlighten morons like her....of course she voted for our rightful fucking president...they sound the same way...It is very very sad that people like her are the majority in this country.They and Shaina make me sick...

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, i know comments are opening you up to the pyschos, but i love reading the comments too! and please do never stop blogging, cos I read this blog daily... and i was just thinking you need to get a couple of fking interns in, you can fk em too, but you need to give us more and you need a few assistants... to help with your other daily chores so you can write more.....

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Hey lady bunny.... It's Shaina. I just wanted to let you know that the ONLY post I made back in June, was the one at 11:23am. Someone else who obviously doesn't like your opinions either, wrote those posts. I too (along with you) think that their posts were a little obscene... (and pathetic that all the posts were minutes apart). The only reason I posted such a negative post was because I check up on the "Natalee"- (sorry about the bad spelling!!!) tragedy every day to see if anything positive has happened. When I saw that post it kind of upset me... But, that's where you're right! If I don't like the website I shouldn't visit it!!! And trust me it won't happen again... I didn't realize what kind of website this was!!! Thanks for the "Everyone should be a Shaina" post.... and all the false information you provided to everyone. FYI: I would never wish AIDS on anyone (my aunt died with it) and left my 5 year old cousin with no mother!!! The "c" word is not even in my vocabulary!!! and how would I know if you're ugly? Beauty comes from within! I did on the other hand get a great preview of your personality.... I can tell a LOT of people judge you! Because you are extremely defensive!!!! Anyway, thanks for the email! Good luck with your future!

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I must commend you on pointing out how "Shaina" ate a heaping helping the bullshit the bush administration has been feeding the American People for the last five and a half years via the American Press. And remember, you can't spell BUllSHit without Bush.

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suck on my balls shaina

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa! this sounds like the same F'in Shaina I know.. Of course she's never guitly, she never lies and she'd never say mean things, ever. (chokes on bile for uttering her name)

3:20 PM  
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