April 23, 2005


Transvestite pleads guilty in silicone-related death: from cnn.com.

ALBANY, Georgia (AP) -- A transvestite who pumped industrial silicone
into other men to give them feminine features pleaded guilty to
manslaughter in the death of a man who suffered complications.

Stephen Thomas, 31, will serve five years in prison and 10 years on
probation under the plea to felony involuntary manslaughter, which he
entered Monday.

The plea was appropriate because those involved were willing
participants and there was no intent to kill, Chief Assistant District
Attorney Greg Edwards said Friday.

The death of Andre Geter in December 2003 threw a spotlight on
"pumping," a thriving underground practice among men living as women,
particularly those who compete in beauty pageants and perform in drag

While medical-grade silicone is sealed to prevent leaks and is sterile,
the industrial version is not and can cause infections.

The silicone sealant that Thomas used on Geter is available in hardware

Geter, 23, suffered convulsions and fell unconscious after receiving
injections in the hips and buttocks during a "pumping party" in Albany.
He died of blood poisoning a month later.

Three other men await trial on conspiracy charges. Edwards said the
three provided rides to the parties and handed Thomas instruments during
the procedures. In return, Thomas, who charged $300 to $400 for the
injections, gave them free injections, the prosecutor said.


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