July 10, 2015


I applaud this Republican South Carolina state senator for making this stirring speech in favor of removing the state flag from the capitol's grounds. That's the smaller picture.

As we know from even Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley and other SC GOP politicians, they knew they had to somehow atone for this gruesome murder in order to seem like they aren't the party of racism which they usually are. But the flag didn't kill those 9 people. A gun in the hand of a crazy white supremacist did. And Dylann was influenced by attitudes against blacks which aren't creaky, eroding prejudices spread only in fringe groups like the KKK. All the shooter would need to do is turn on Fox national news to have his hatred and fear of blacks reinforced. It's national news and it's right there in the open, not relegated to secret societies wearing hoods and burning crosses. And the GOP constantly seeks to take away voter rights which target minorities nationwide with ID laws and ending early voting because they know that the more blacks who vote, the less votes the Republican party will get. So that party is really just saving face, here. If Republicans care so much about injustice for people of color, stop demonizing them. The fool Donald Trump just shot up to the top of the GOP presidential candidates BECAUSE he spewed absurd racial slurs against Mexican immigrants.

Now let's look at keeping guns out of crazies' reach and how both parties either actively support or at least refuse to challenge systemic racism which railroads black men to prison if they're lucky enough to survive the police who kill then and usually get off without charges.