January 05, 2015


For those of you who have been singing Obama's praises as recent figures have come in showing that stock markets have kept up and that unemployment is down to 5.8%, I'd like to give you a reality check. 95% of that new wealth created goes to the 1%, not the middle class or poor. And the drop in unemployment is due in part to the fact that the job market is still so rotten that many have stopped looking for work permanently. And many of the jobs added are part time, low wage and with no benefits.

For those of you who believe that Obama has been thwarted by Republican obstructionists, he has been. But right now, he's planning a disastrous, secret trade deal called the TPP which will undo any economic gains he's made for decades to come. In fact, Obama is looking forward to working with Republicans in Congress who are his main allies in fast-tracking the TPP through Congress with no debate. Mitch McConnell is delighted to work on the TPP with Obama. It's a secret deal written by multi-national companies who want to outsource American jobs to countries we can't compete with--like Vietnam, with is's $0.26 an hour minimum wage. Whenever Obama tries to explain the TPP trade agreement, he speaks in pure gibberish about how this will make America more competitive. It's nonsense and he's lying. The beloved Democrat Bill Clinton passed the trade deal NAFTA, which killed manufacturing jobs nationwide. The TPP has been described as "NAFTA on steroids." Once again, Democrats are out to screw average working Americans just like the Republicans are. Neither party reps workers. And PLEASE ask corporate whore Hillary what she thinks of the TPP. Something tells me she supports it.
Obama's is going against his own party to side with the GOP to screw workers for decades to come and negate the modest economic recovery which has recently been documented.

I hope you'll watch this fascinating clip from MSNBC's The Ed Show. Democrats and union leaders are basically saying that Obama is betraying his own party. For those of you who support Obama, why do you think that is? As the union rep says here, Obama is talking out of both sides of his mouth--offering higher minimum wages while sending jobs overseas. So what difference does it make if we have higher minimum wages if Obama has sent our few remaining jobs are overseas.

Obama, like Clinton, is proving that both Democrats and Republicans do the bidding of huge corporations to spite American workers. Please try to defend him. A secret trade deal from a president who campaigned on greater transparency.