December 15, 2014


If you needed more proof that Obama is a shameless crook who has forgotten most of his campaign promises, here ya go!

UPDATE: Your letters are working! Bloomberg reports that in addition to Senator Warren, Senator Dick Durbin is now ALSO opposed to Weiss’s nomination!

"President Obama has nominated yet ANOTHER investment banker to the Treasury Department: Antonio Weiss. But Weiss isn’t just any investment banker. He advised Burger King on their tax-dodging purchase of Canadian chain Tim Horton’s.

Burger King’s proposed purchase of Tim Horton’s would allow them to relocate their corporate headquarters to Canada, thereby dodging American taxes in a move called a “tax inversion.” Obama himself called tax inversions an “unpatriotic tax loophole.”

If President Obama and the Treasury Department were really so serious about fighting the use of unpatriotic loopholes, why would the President appoint the very architect of this sneaky corporate inversion?

Senator Elizabeth Warren has come out AGAINST nominating yet another banker to the Treasury. Join us as we stand with Senator Warren against appointing Antonio Weiss at the Treasury Department.

Tell your Senator to OPPOSE Antonio Weiss’s nomination. We don’t need the advisor to Burger King’s whopper of a tax dodge at the U.S. Treasury."