August 27, 2014


Parker Molloy is one of the trans activists who was most vocal in the attack on RuPaul and Drag Race for their use of the terms tranny and shemale. As a result of protests, segments on Drag Race were removed because of these terms are allegedly hate speech. During the debacle, Parker tweeted "I f#cking hate RuPaul." which sounded a lot like hate speech to me. She also attacked a post-op transsexual friend of mine and called her a drag queen because my friend still performs and she didn't happen to agree with Parker. This is one of the most hateful things you can say to someone who has had gender reassignment surgery. The trans community calls it misgendering and Parker did it deliberately and cruelly. And there's apparently more hatefulness and hate speech where that came from. Now an organization which seeks to stop the violence against trans people has issued a "violence advisory" against Parker after another especially nasty online scuffle.

This doesn't invalidate Parker's or other trans women's claims that they find certain words hurtful and that people should stop using them--even though many of us in the drag community which often uses colorful language refuses to stop using terms which we do not feel is hate speech. But this does hint at an ugly side of Parker which isn't too concerned with words being hurtful if she's using such strong language that trans websites are issuing violence advisories on her. So I guess her urging someone in the trans community which frequently struggles with suicide to cut themselves and drink bleach are ok, but tranny and shemale are not. She sounds like a very caring person who should have a say in which words should be used and which segments should be cut from which TV shows.