June 11, 2014


A sobering update from Michael Moore on Iraq. Yeah, the war that Hellary Clinton, viewed as the heir apparent to the White House, voted for--when she was "acting" as a concerned senator of New York State. Despite there being zero evidence to go to war for. To his credit, Obama voted against the Iraq war when he was a senator, but then went on to disappoint by not prosecuting George W. Bush for war crimes and even blocking an international investigation on Bush's possible crimes coming from Spain. Only a small handful of the people running this country are NOT greedy, amoral, spineless crooks.

Oh, and are you a little surprised by this news seeing that almost 70% of the country opposes US meddling abroad in favor of fixing our own broken country? We don't have the money to care for our own veterans but we can pay for an army of Iraqis. Not only are we still paying for an Iraqi army/war that we are technically supposed to be out of, but our idiotic news media is gnashing it's teeth over one imprisoned soldier returning from Afghanistan. When they should be reporting on how Obama promised to end the Afghanistan war in 2014 and he just extended what was already the longest war in US history, against the wishes of most Americans, to 2016. Who do you think Obama is representing? It ain't most of you!

See if your news channel is even discussing Mosul tonight. They're probably ranting about Speaker of the House Eric Cantor losing a primary and what that may mean. Because both parties want war. Both parties are paid off by war profiteers. Time to ditch parties both if you truly want peace.

This is copied from Michael Moore's Facebook page without permission. I hope that he won't mind in the interest of spreading the unpopular truth.

So today, Mosul fell. Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq. The Iraqi government we "installed", has now lost Fallujah, Ramadi, Mosul and other large swaths of the country we invaded at the cost of thousands of American lives, tens of thousands of Iraqi lives and a couple trillion dollars. (What could your school district do with a trillion dollars?).

One more maddening day in this 11-year illegal, immoral, greedy and stupid war. Today in Mosul, that Iraqi Army YOU pay for, freaked out, threw down their guns, and literally RAN away. I have friends and acquaintances who lost sons in all three of those cities. I can only imagine what they're feeling tonight. FOR WHAT? FOR WHAT! I am so sorry we couldn't do anything to stop this when it started. A few million of us tried. Last week, Richard Clarke, Bush's former head of counter-terrorism, said he now believes that his fellow members of the Bush administration committed "war crimes."

I continue to await the perp walk.