May 18, 2014


Wow. You're at the top of your game with the most money and producers, yet the buzz reel for your tour features very little music. It does feature tons of worn-out-2-decades ago guns and cash gangsta images. And the pointless celebrity cameos which are needed to sell music--why? I'd rather see a cameo by Solange whooping both of their asses. In fact, that video footage was more interesting than this big budget effort. This trailer makes me less likely to want to see or hear "Run." It's just like Lady Gaga's bizarre outfits and then a lackluster album. These stars know that their fans are so caught up in their hype, like this trailer, that the quality of their music no longer matters. The songs have already been licensed in commercials in advance of the release and that radio stations have already been payed to repeat them often enough to get them into our heads. Whether they're any good or not. Maybe there is great music on "Run." Then why not entice us with some hot new sounds--not Sean Penn and played out Bonnie And Clyde images. Maybe this is the new trend like Beyonce's last "visual album." Which means in sounds like shit.