February 14, 2014


Obama can't remember what party he's in. Only republicans and Obama want to cut social security in any way. It's a popular program with love from both parties that's solvent for decades to come. That's why Obama and republicans have hit on the idea of ransacking Social Security funds so that the wealthy can pay less taxes and many large corporations pay zero taxes. So they steal from the seniors who are already poor in a dastardly reverse Robin Hood move. Neither republican or democratic voters want to cut SS, only their elected representatives. Which voter is going to say "Rob me of part of the $ I paid into SS?" We voted against Romney and the 1%, but we got Romney with Obama anyway. All of his bullshit talk about income inequality and raising the minimum wage for some workers is a liar talking out of both sides of his mouth. As he tries to screw seniors and kill future jobs by sending them overseas via the Trans Pacific Partnership. Who cares if the minimum wage is raised if we don't actually have jobs? Please sign this if you want to protect Social Security. He has put Chained CPI cuts in his budget last year and the president needs to know how strongly we feel about any cuts. Every word Obama has ever said is based on poll #s, so he's well aware of how people feel. He just doesn't care. Make him care. If we're lucky, we'll all be seniors one day.