January 18, 2014


Countdown: 21 days until Russia's Winter Olympics – and the anti-gay laws are still in place. But we've got a plan. President Putin wants the Olympics to be about showing Russia off to build political power and attract corporate dollars.
We can put that at risk, if we get the whole world talking about Russia's anti-gay laws instead. The outcry could be enough to get them to reconsider the laws.
First step: let's get all of athletes who're going to the Olympics to join in! Can you sign to show your support and encourage Team USA to join in?
Athletes making political statements or gestures at the Games could be punished under the Olympic rules. But we've got a clever way around that.  We're only asking them to publicly show their support for one of the Olympic's very own rules – Principle 6, which says no discrimination is allowed.
Snowboarder Belle Brockhoff has signed up, and so has the entire Australian men's bobsled team! But we'll need more olympians from all over the world to publicly support Principle 6 and Russia's lesbian, gay, bi and trans people.
Sign to show skiers, skaters and sledders from Team USA how much their support matters:
Athletes are in a unique position to make a difference right now – they could talk about Principle 6 at press conferences and interviews, and wear Principle 6 t-shirts when rules allow, to broadcast our message around the world.
President Putin has recently shown he's worried that global outrage about anti-gay laws and human rights abuses could ruin his Olympics. He changed his mind about banning protests at the Olympics site, and he released high profile political prisoners including Pussy Riot.
We'll be talking a lot about Russia's anti-gay laws over the next few weeks but of course All Out is about every country where there are anti-gay laws. The office team is regularly on the phone with activists in Uganda, Nigeria, India, Cameroon and around the world, looking for ways 1.9 million of us can help when the time is right.
First Olympic athletes, then we'll get sponsors like Coke to join in too: