January 14, 2014


 Why is Obama pretending to fight income inequality and acting concerned about unemployment insurance while he's simultaneously trying to ram through a secret trade agreement which would kill jobs and wages in the US for years to come? He's the bad guy here. The news is barely reporting on this, yet 200 Congressmen have signed a letter urging Obama to allow discussion of the TPP, which was written by the very lobbyists which campaign mode Obama wanted to banish from Washington. Yeah, that would be the president who also got our votes offering greater government transparency than the Bush administration--the one who is now dealing in far-reaching secret trade agreements, an expanded NSA spying on all of us like never before and secret drone wars. The truth is that this agreement cannot be seen without anyone who has a brain being outraged. 

Unless you think you can compete with the minimum wage of 25 cents in Vietnam, one of the countries involved in this agreement, you might want to sign this petition urging lawmakers to give this putrid agreement some disinfecting sunlight. If you aren't concerned with this, you really aren't concerned with the future of this country.

DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA: "At this moment, the United States and 11 other countries are, with the help of over 600 corporate "advisors," secretly negotiating a massive, controversial trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (or TPP). If passed, the TPP, which is often called "NAFTA on Steroids," would be the largest "free trade" agreement ever made.

Let me be as clear as I can: The TPP will be an unmitigated disaster for working families.

Under the TPP, it will become even easier to offshore both public and private sector American jobs, food safety standards will be weakened, drug prices will rise, and the rights and powers of the same Wall Street firms who wrecked our economy will be expanded. And that's before we even start talking about the erosion of wages, benefits and union rights we've seen happen with big trade agreements before.

The good news? Right now, we have a unique opportunity to stop the TPP by preventing the passage of so-called "fast-track trade authority," which would allow the President to ram the trade agreement through Congress without any amendments or a robust public discussion.

Tell Congress: Say NO to fast-track trade authority and make sure trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership work for everyone. Click here to take action NOW.

By giving the President "fast track trade authority," Congress gives up its special authority to make certain that our trade policy works for everyone, not just the powerful corporations and business interests with a seat at the negotiating table.

Even worse, TPP negotiations have been shrouded in secrecy, with the little we do know about the deal coming from just a handful of leaked chapters of the agreement. As a result, if Congress approves "fast track authority" for the TPP, it will be giving away its constitutionally-protected role in trade negotiations without even knowing what's in the final deal -- no amendments, no robust debate, and little chance for the public to weigh in.

Granting "fast track authority" for the TPP would give all that up -- give up our chance to make sure that our voice is heard in Washington -- for a massive "free trade" deal that we already know is bad for working families.

But, if we act quickly, we can stop "fast track" and end the TPP before it even starts.

Congress needs to hear from you: Click here to sign DFA's petition telling Congress to say NO to fast-track trade authority. "