November 01, 2013


$5 million in cuts to food stamps start today, as Congress prepares to allocate up to $400 billion for nuclear weapons. Yes, nukes are the kind of weapons that the US pretends that it's policing the world from. Whenever a country we consider dangerous starts building up their nuclear arsenal, we have a fit and impose sanctions on them. Even though the US is the only country to have attacked another country with nuclear weapons. What really kills me are the people who consider themselves Christians who blindly follow this budget with it's skewed priorities. You people are supposed to live your lives according to some benevolent god, yet you can't remember the basics of your own religion and apply them to what your government that you elected is doing with your tax dollars? Jesus fed the poor, but we reduce the money we give the poor to buy food in an economic downturn. We "have to"--we simply don't have the money because we "must" spend almost 100 times that $5 billion that we're cutting from food stamps on WMDs. I'm no Christian, but I think there may be a slight contradiction when you spout Thou Shalt Not Kill while amassing hundreds of billions on weapons of mass destruction. A vicious pro-war country that yanks money from families in need of food that thinks it's Christian. Even christianity makes more sense than this.