November 14, 2013


Obama won both elections by organizing online support more efficiently than any candidate ever in both elections. Under Obama, the NSA now spies on all of our many emails and phone calls and has a gigantic database in cahoots with every server and mobile service carrier. Yet for healthcare, his "crowning" achievement, the man chooses a crappy site that doesn't work right? I don't get it. Can't the Obamacare website just synch up with the NSA? They can fill out all of our info for us since they already have it? I hope that Obamacare succeeds and one day goes even further to be single payer, when Republicans realize that the country won't implode if we get cheaper health care. But doesn't the level of this administration's internet expertise seem to be very developed when he wants to get something (our votes, campaign contributions, emails, phone calls) but not so well developed when he is giving us something like healthcare?