October 21, 2013


What kind of propaganda is this? Clearly orchestrated by Obama supporters in the press who are eager to make the president seem more churchgoing like the rest of us folks. And not a muslim, for the conservative morons idiots who still can't (or simply won't) get around his middle name. The article claims Obama has been private about his spiritual side, until now, when tough times have forced him toward prayer. For those of us who are very concerned about the direction the country is going in and who also don't believe in god but do believe firmly in the separation of church and state, this ain't good news. He turns to ancient abstract teachings from a book which frequently contradicts itself and that's going to solve the complex problems of the US in 2013? Maybe he could have helped Hurricane Sandy victims by suggesting that they walk on water. I would love to see a few burning Bush's. Obama told the National Prayer Breakfast that he searches the scripture to best determine how to balance life as a president, husband and father. Sadly, his talk of balance falls upon deaf ears at the National Prayer Breakfast. That annual event is thrown by conservative think-tank The Family who helped Uganda develop it's Kill The Gays law. Murder--how very christian of them. I think it's a slap in the face to the fact-based community that any president, and all of them do annually, dignify The Family with an appearance, much less a speech about balance. This article claims that the president's spiritual advisors often weave literary influences like Maya Angelou and C. S Lewis with the biblical passages to give the president additional inspiration. Hmmm, did they forget to add George Orwell's 1984? I don't recall any references in scriptures, Angelou or C. S. Lewis about using government facilities for aggressively spying on US citizens without their knowledge. Or increasing deadly drone attacks, as Obama has done by 200% since he took over from Bush. But surely some of the simpler teachings like Jesus feeding the poor and Thou Shalt Not Kill must be covered by his advisors. Actually, no. Obama's about to approve of billions of cuts in food stamps at a time when families with two incomes need them to survive. So that we don't have to cut our bloated defense budget and we always maintain enough budget to fight bogus wars in Syria he tried to sell us on. Feeding the poor, not so much. Obama's publicists can blabber on as much as they wish about what the frequency that Obama hears the Bible. Maybe he needs better advisors and he'd some of those teachings would sink in and translate into kinder policies. Instead of just paying them lip service. MORE: HUFFPO