October 29, 2013


If you support Obama, you support a dirty liar. He just told Germany chancellor Angela Merkel that he wasn't aware that the NSA had been spying on her for years. In fact, he had been aware of it since he was briefed in 2010. And the US had been monitoring her since before she was even in office. We also spied on her predecessor--get this--after he refused (with very good reasons) to succumb to US pressure for him support the Iraq war! Remember the Iraq war--everyone now agrees that we shouldn't have gone in there and it left us broke. Germany is an ally and we're spying on them? As Bernie Sanders says, "Countries throughout the world have got to work together in strengthening the global economy, combatting terrorism and addressing the planetary crisis of global warming. The United States can't lead these efforts if our allies don't trust us." NSA spying has reached an epidemic under Obama--even forcing communications giants to monitor every communication of American citizens like you who aren't suspected of anything and heads of states we're friendly with. What defense will the Obama apologists come up with the defend his actions against the countries we're supposed to be working together with? That this is George Bush's mess that Obama's still cleaning up? That Republicans in Congress forced him to spy or they'd shut down the government ?Or that it's ok to spy on Old Europe? MORE: HUFFPO