June 10, 2013


I love the Obama apologists lining up with excuses to defend him from the wide scale spying that's just been revealed. One is: "Whatever he needs to do to keep us safe." We attacked Iraq for no reason and destroyed that country over the course of 8 years. The US is the world's biggest terrorist organization, so they aren't going to protect you from terrorists. Another excuse is that "The spying was going on during the Bush era." Then you should have opposed it then if you care so much about the great American freedoms you'll be waving a flag for in a month. Of course the government was spying on us prior to Obama taking office. Some would say he's taken the spying further than Bush, despite his claims do do otherwise. But what the heck--sometimes you have to seize a moment of public awareness and horror to actually get something done with our pitiful government. Like Sandy Hook, where the nation watched in horror as kids were gunned down it school. As horrific as it was, it underlined the need to get something done on gun control now. However, our government wasn't able to seize that moment and even get the the easiest of Obama's proposals done: background checks. Funny how Obama is known for waffling and reaching across the aisle to people who obstruct the government and not using his bully pulpit much. But when it comes to spying on us, drones, cutting Social Security and other programs which are crucial in a recession, this man is a highly effective dynamo!