April 26, 2013


Chuck Hagel claims that Syria has used chemical weapons. Who did they use them on? Why is that a concern of the US? Are you personally scared by what's going on in Syria or even know? I don't. Is whoever is using sarin a threat to the US? No, but the fact that someone is using small quantities of a weapon of mass destruction is being laid out as a possible pathway to war, much as non-existent yellowcake uranium was used to trick us into invading Iraq for 8 1/2 preposterous years. And republicans like John McCain want war. The US is always looking for an excuse for war, despite the Americans being sick of war and signaling quite plainly that our government needs to get the US back together before we fix any other country's problems. I'm more concerned with jobs and austerity measures than any small quantity of sarin used in a country we aren't at war with...yet. It really boils down to this: after Iraq, the US cannot effectively sell itself as an honorable nation which would polices the world fairly. Our credibility is gone, folks. And if we truly are motivated by wanting atrocities like sarin attacks to stop, then let the US stop committing it's own, much larger scale atrocities abroad. MORE: GUARDIAN