April 15, 2013


Bad camera work, bad lighting, a bad wig--NOTHING can diminish the magic of Jennifer Holiday singing her classic showstopper. She's singing it in a gay bar in Texas. I'm glad that some people still value great singers. Traditionally, gays always have. Many of my favorite artists I became familiar with from seeing drag queens lip-synching their material: Patti Labelle (Over The Rainbow), I Think About You), Melba Moore (Lean On Me), Deniece Williams (Silly) and Yvonne Fair (It Should've Been Me). That's why it saddens me to see younger gays grooving to today's excuses for "divas" like Britney and Nicky Minaj who can't even sing live and don't even try to. And then it's a whole new layer of pitiful to see the whole nation buying these dubious divas as judges on televised singing competitions. Sorry, but gays (and straights) used to have better taste in music. I'm glad they still do at F Bar in Houston.