March 26, 2013


In case anyone is interested, my Facebook ban has just been lifted. Since everyone lives on there nowadays, you may enjoy the tales of my trials and tribulations.

I'm back! Fecesbook banned me for posting a pic which contained no nudity or sexual situations but which was unquestionably in questionable taste. And some prudes have nothing better to do with their time than report stuff which offends their precious widdle eyes. I often see posts I don't care for, but what kind of loser regularly reports stuff--just unlike or unfriend that page if you're so damned righteous. In turn, Fecesbook wouldn't dream of using any of their millions to actually staff anyone you could email or call to appeal the decision--they just chop you and I got 30 days. The last time they did this was during the Olympics, when I posted an AP photo seen on reputable news sites around the world of a winning black athlete in tight, lycra running shorts. I guess someone complained about that, too. I wonder if they would've griped if it were a black competitor with a peanut-sized member? Or if it were a well-endowed white or asian athlete? Lord only knows!

I'm 50 years old an that's a little too old to be repeatedly slapped on the wrist because I'm not "playing nice"--especially since I actually WAS playing by the rules. In addition to my tirades, I also promote my gigs here so facebook is part work for me. And I can be "Lady Bunny" without wearing a 10 pound wig on my head, gluing things on top of my eyes and shoving my nasty nelly nuts up my @ss. So I'm rigging up a way to post on my blog and then have it post automatically to facebook and twitter. (Twitter is vile, but I'm told that everyone has to do it and occasionally I listen.) That way, I can post whatever I see fit and people have to click through a filth factor warning to reach ma blawg. When posting something truly horrific, I will opt not to show a thumbnail.

The first time I was banned, it was for 3 days. The next for 7 (I deserved that one) and the next for 10. The funny thing is that when they ban you for 30 days, you kinda kick the habit. And you're forced to communicate without social networking or peering into any screen. I had some furniture delivered on Saturday and they had to unhook my cable and internet. I didn't really feel like hooking it back up after work so I just had to sit there and think! Can you imagine? I've made a point to get together with friends, to see all kinds of shows, and I'll even shock people by--showing my age here--picking up a phone and actually chatting for hours! While facebook is fab for easily sharing pics, videos and links with friends all over the world, it's easy to glance at a friend's page, like or comment on a few things and then feel that you're in contact with that person. And you are, in a superficial way. I went to dinner with a few friends and there were a few awkward moments of silence where I think we'd all realized that we weren't used to being up in anyone's faces for prolonged periods. We couldn't hit like and move on to another friend if we got bored after a few seconds--we had to verbally respond on the spot to what we were each saying. How novel! Of course there have been zillions of stiff moments at dinner parties long before social media existed, but it was almost as if we had to re-learn the art of conversation. That definitely isn't a good thing to lose.

Thanks to those of you who checked in and inquired about me, and to those who kept my page alive with frequent posts. It wasn't that I didn't like them, it was that I couldn't like them. And facebook allows us outlaws to check their messages even while banned, so that we can remain hooked to some extent. I can also look at the newsfeed and did look a few times. And I noticed something missing: my angry political rants in all caps. So I think this blog/facebook/twitter hook-up will be a good thing for all. Those of you who are interested enough to click through and read my full posts can, and those of you who aren't can just stick to reading my essay-length status updates like this one. Okay, I missed you too!