March 14, 2013


FROM FOOD AND WATER WATCH: Many times now, we've heard Governor Cuomo declare that "science, not politics" would inform his decision on fracking. But on Monday, the Governor announced that he never intended to wait for a comprehensive study on fracking to be completed before making his decision. Call Governor Cuomo's office today at 866-961-3208 and tell him that this is unacceptable: it's time for a ban on fracking. 

If Governor Cuomo were serious about basing his decision on science, he would wait for research to come out on fracking's effect on public health. The Cuomo administration has even noted the importance of several fracking studies that are currently under way. Yet, they are not planning to wait until these studies are finished to review them. Call Governor Cuomo at 866-961-3208 and tell him to protect New Yorkers' health and ban fracking.

This is terrible news and a clear sign once again that this administration is still trying to find a way to open New York to fracking. We can't let that happen. Call Governor Cuomo and demand a ban on fracking today: 866-961-3208.

When the New York State Assembly passed a fracking moratorium bill last week, it became clearer than ever that the will of New Yorkers is to protect their air, water, food and communities from fracking. Now it's time to make Governor Cuomo realize the dangers fracking poses to our state.

It's easy to make the call! Just dial the number below, listen to our brief message and wait for your call to be transferred to the Governor's office. State your name and zip code, and say that you would like a ban on fracking in New York.
Make the call right now: 866-961-3208.