January 23, 2013


Of course, we all know that facebook sells our info to marketers, the government and anybody else with a dollar. Based on what we post about, where we live, our sex, age, etc. But until you see this amazing graph which is linked, you probably aren't aware of how extensively our personal data is collected. And not just from facebook. "Google Street View, which grows daily, is being seen as a service for burglars". And the government? WOW! "About 200 million US citizens have had their call records monitored since 2001" and they hope to assemble "the largest database ever assembled in the world." Shit! Are there that many terrorists living in the US? Or is a terrorist anyone who disagrees with the government, which can now detain US citizens without a trial indefinitely thanks to the NDAA. FREEDOM! "President Obama has backed a policy which would lead to a national database of DNA kept on file of all people arrested, even if they are not convicted of a crime." HMMMM, so they want our DNA just in case, but background checks on gun-buyers aren't needed. A novel approach! This graph is a must-see!

VIEW:  http://www.upworthy.com/think-you-have-zero-privacy-wrong-its-way-less-than-zero?c=upw1