December 11, 2012


I ran into John Cameron Mitchell today. He's aged! He no longer looks 10--he could now actually pass for a 12 year old. (Hate him for that.) But I was thrilled to hear that he's working on Hedwig II. The first one was such a great drag movie and rock movie that I'll be dolled up to the nines (if invited) to the sequel's premiere. I'm forever in John's debt for his running over to perform at Wigstock in between Hedwig's Sunday matinee and evening performance. Imagine that the chaos of Wigstock as your break from the end of a double ending a long week in a very long off-B'way run. A trooper! John is definitely one of the brightest lights from the NYC downtown performance scene and he sure did light up that stage on the pier. From Hedwig: "I tried singing once, back in Berlin; they threw tomatoes. After the show I had a nice salad."