November 24, 2012


New Yorkers voted for change this fall, and Democrats won upset victories and a historic majority in the State Senate.

But a group of rogue Democrats is discussing an alliance with Republicans in the State Senate that would squash the progressive agenda and keep Republicans in control.
And Gov. Cuomo? He's saying he "won't get involved."

Join us in calling on Gov. Cuomo to stand up for a Democratic Senate Majority that can pass the progressive agenda we voted for.
And scroll to the bottom for details about a series of upcoming rallies throughout the state.

The Governor says he stands for progressive values. He claims to support public financing of elections, raising the minimum wage, gun control and protecting women's health.
But Republicans in the State Senate have bottled up our issues for years, or even decades!

So now, when rogue Democrats are ready to join the Republicans and throw our progressive values under the bus, why is Governor Cuomo is willing to stand by and let it happen?

This is no time to stay out of the fray – if Gov. Cuomo truly shares our values, he's got to fight for them.

Click here to tell Governor Andrew Cuomo to speak up for a Democratic Senate majority in Albany.