November 30, 2012


Obama and other corporate democrats are getting ready to do a reverse Robin Hood on us. Don't sleep on this: they're preparing to ROB the average person to maintain tax cuts for the top 2%. We're in a recession and have been--so this isn't 
the time to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security--just raise the low tax rates on those who won't even feel the pinch. It's called equality, people! After campaigning to raise the tax rates on the wealthiest Americans, Obama said in his acceptance speech that voting wasn't our only job as citizens--we needed to stay involved. So if you don't have the gumption to get up off your butt and urge him to honor his own recent campaign promises then prepare for hard times. You're proving to the powers that be that you don't care or pay attention. Sadly, our elected officials are all such slaves to corporate cash that our own representatives no longer represent the people. Our "news" is bought by the corporate, mainstream media so all we've been warned and misled for weeks about the fiscal cliff. More liberal MSNBC anchors have taken to calling it a "fiscal curb" because it really isn't as disastrous an emergency as everyone on TV claims it is. If we do fall off of it, the Bush tax cuts expire on 1/1. Any politician is going to immediately vote to reinstate the tax cuts for the middle class or their career in politics is over. BUT SIMPLY LET THE TAX CUTS ON THE TOP 2% EXPIRE. And all most of us will have to worry about is someone filthy rich might have to skip having the very best caviar for a few nights. Look at the recent Walmart employees protesting against the retail giant's unfair practices. The six heirs of Walmart's combined wealth equals 41% of the rest of the country combined. Are we moving back towards the kings and the ruling class which which my ancestors left Europe centuries ago to escape? Feels like it--and it's a far cry from the equality that we supposedly prize so much.

I just called my representative and senators and got right through. When you call you enter your zip code, and the prompt asks you to select your representative or one of two senators. CALL ALL THREE! insist that we got what we just voted for: 60% of the country agrees that it's time to milk the fat cats for a change. An email petition won't work when the entire system is this dead set against screwing us. Do this or embrace austerity. For those of you who support Obama, you actually do support the higher taxes on the top 2% because it WAS his position JUST DAYS AGO. Now he has a republican banker Geithner negotiating with services you may desperately need when you're sick, poor or just unemployed as many of us are these days. If you voted for Obama thinking that he'd go to bat for us in his second term, why wait? He's already reaching across that aisle again--and we see how well that worked the first time around. Maybe I'm exaggerating--even though Obama's opening bid is already weak and republicans aren't exactly cooperative, are they? But even if I am--his second term is practically here and there's a brand new bunch in Congress who we need to tell quite plainly: WE ARE WATCHING YOU. We stood in long lines to vote for you.The wealthiest 2% will be just fine if they have to pay a little more. Please remind Obama what we JUST voted for! Didn't the 47% just win an election and tell Mitt Romney HELL NAW? Now we're getting what we voted against even though Obama won? If you've had the time to read this mess then you've got the time to call. And while you have them on the phone, tell them to create some more jobs! Unless you think we're on the right track, get involved now.


Negotiations in Washington are happening fast. We need to keep the pressure on Congress to heed the call sent by voters on Election Day: no more tax cuts for the rich!

Today, along with our progressive allies across New York State, we are taking part in a big statewide call-in day of action urging our Members of Congress not to give another $1 trillion tax cut to the wealthiest 2% at the expense of crucial programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that millions of New Yorkers need to survive.

Call your Representative today at 888.659.9401 - tell them:

1. End the Bush Tax Cuts for the richest 2%.
2. Protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
3. Invest in good jobs to boost our economy"


And don't believe a drag queen: here's Clinton's labor secretary and professor of public policy Robert Reich with similar thoughts:

NON-NEW YORKERS: This is very easy... look up your zip code here and then find your representative here