November 19, 2012



"By now you've likely seen that Governor Cuomo has made some encouraging comments about the dangers that climate change poses to New York. You'd think this would mean that this administration wouldn't even think of furthering our dependence on dirty fuels by allowing fracking in New York. Sadly, with an important deadline looming, there is no word from the C
uomo Administration on fracking.

Now, it's time to call the Governor and tell him to take real action to protect New York by calling for a ban on fracking. Make the call today at 866-961-3208.

I was excited when I heard Governor Cuomo talk about the negative effects of climate change — it's all too rare to hear elected officials even mention the issue these days. But it's time to go beyond just words. New York is at a key decision point. The state will either show leadership and keep fracking out, or it will further our nation's reliance on dirty fossil fuels and their damage to our planet by allowing fracking. Governor Cuomo has a real chance to lead here, but he must hear from New Yorkers if he's going to make the right decision. Call Governor Cuomo today at 866-961-3208 and demand a ban on fracking!

With the election over, we have to make it clear that the movement against fracking will persist. The opposition to this destructive drilling process will follow Governor Cuomo wherever he goes — until he makes the right decision and bans fracking. You can help us make that happen. Pick up the phone, right now, and call Governor Cuomo at 866-961-3208."