October 01, 2012


The first presidential debate is just two days away—and it's a huge opportunity for all of us to send a strong message to CNN: Condoning sexism is bad for business.

Just a few weeks ago, over 116,000 members of UltraViolet spoke out, demanding CNN fire Erick Erickson for his sexist comments during the first night of the Democratic National Convention—specifically, for referring to that night of speeches from strong women as "the Vagina Monologues."

But CNN has remained silent. Erickson hasn't been reprimanded publicly, much less fired. Almost unbelievable, considering this was nowhere near his first offense. From defending Rush Limbaugh when he called a Georgetown graduate student a "slut," to accusing women in the Obama administration of pushing American intervention in Libya "like women drivers" with "no plan," "no map," and "no shopping list."1 (seriously.)

So it's time to remind CNN we haven't forgotten Erickson's unforgivable comments. This Wednesday night, the first presidential debate will be shown on live television. And CNN is desperate for ratings as it struggles with competition from other networks. We're mobilizing UltraViolet members to boycott CNN during the first presidential debate if Erickson isn't fired before Wednesday. Will you join us?

Pledge to boycott CNN during the first presidential debate

Tens of thousands of viewers flocking to rival channels will definitely send CNN a pointed message. Especially these days, when CNN's ratings are at an all-time low and they are desperate to attract viewers.2 CNN can't afford to lose any viewers right now—so let's make sure they know keeping Erickson on board is only hurting their bottom line.

The more people join this pledge the better, so share this with your friends today on Facebook and other social networks. CNN needs to know they can't just ignore sexism—because ignoring it is condoning it.

And it's not like Erickson's comments during the Democratic Convention are his first offense. Those comments are part of a long list of sexist comments he's made. Just take these few examples:3

In August of this year he said he would still support Todd Akin despite his comments that survivors of "legitimate rape" can't get pregnant. 
In April he voiced support for Augusta National Golf Club's ban on women.
Last year he called Michelle Obama a "Marxist Harpy Wife"
During last year's Superbowl, he commented on an ad featuring abortion opponent Tim Tebow by saying, "Ugly feminists return to their kitchens."
That's on top of defending Rush Limbaugh's attacks on Sandra Fluke and blaming women for intervention in Libya. And this goes on and on.

Join the pledge today: Boycott CNN, watch the first presidential debate on a different channel